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About Unick Fish

Unick Fish was established in April 2008. The founding shareholders have more than 48 years combined experience in the Fishing Industry.

Unick Fish is committed to supply product originating from reputable suppliers, adhering to the set sustainability criteria and highest quality standards.

Unick Fish concentrate and promote the selling of fish and fish species caught and landed within the South African and Namibian waters.

Unick Fish has the sole agency for the distribution of Prawns originating from the fishing giant – Pescanova in South Africa. This includes a wide range of Prawn species – both farmed and wild caught.

Unick Fish supports the SASSI initiative and as far as possible only deal in the species listed “green” on the said list.

Unick Fish target customers with the same views and values relating to sustainable seafood utilization as set out by WWF in the SASSI initiative.

Unick Fish insures that the product sold through its channels adhere to a full traceability regime.

Sole importer and distributor of Pescanova

branded products into Southern Africa